Why I love Photography…

Why do I love photography?  Hmmm…

There are photographs, and there are “pictures.”  I probably take 20,000 photographs a year.  I make maybe 3-4 pictures that I really like.  Why?  because photography is not about apertures and shutter speed.  People might ask me what the ISO was for a particular image.  I may or may not know.  What I do know is what I was feeling that day.  There was a reason why I decided to press that shutter.  The technical aspects behind that reason are a distant 2nd to the actual final “picture.”

Everyone wants a more expensive camera.  Everyone wants a better lens…it does not really matter.  A good picture with a crummy camera is far better than a bad picture shot with a Nikon D3 and 24-70 f/2.8.  It does not matter.

My advice…Shoot the moments, and shoot often.

…there are many wonderful underexposed images that can bring tears to your eyes.


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