HDR. Is it true art? …maybe

HDR. I remember when HDR was not known by anyone. It was “cool.” Now, there are magazine covers and $150-200 programs to do HDR. Here is an HDR shot so long ago that the tree on the left in this photo no longer exists! I loved the effect (loved being the key word here), but since this photo I have not done an HDR shot.

Good exposure and good light is all that you really need to make an impact. Yes, I can still appreciate the technique, but it’s a time-consuming approach to photography and takes something away from the art of photography. HDR is a post-processing skill…not really a compositional skill at the time of shutter-release. Get it right in camera the first time, that is what impresses me more now…

Here is a non-HDR shot. Which one has more impact? Which one shows emotion? I say Photo #2.

I guess I can appreciate HDR’s end product, sometimes. After all, Art is the byproduct of creation. That said, I am not really a big fan anymore. I think as most photographers excel at their craft, HDR becomes less a tool and more of a fad.


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