just be different…

When I found out that deep down inside I was an artist, I always wanted to be “The best.” I was probably in my early teens with bad hair playing the guitar…terribly. Fast-forward to today and how that relates to Photography. Too many people want to be better than the next person. Why? Is better, well, “better?” …no

Better is just a more improved copy of someone else’s good image. I don’t want to be a more improved copy. I want to be different. I want a client to look at my work and be happy that they chose me because I provided something unique…NOT BETTER. There is always someone better. That’s what art schools teach you. They teach you to be so technically good that you’re “better.” Hmmm.

What you cannot teach is vision. Composition. The eye. The feel. The hunch. The ability to see what others do not imagine.

…just be you

Be different, not better.


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