Don’t forget to Burn…

Here is a simple shot I took recently. Again, the subject is between me and the sun. I was +1.3 Exposure Bias to make sure the face was not under-exposed. The camera’s meter will tend to get really confused in this situation since the sun is so bright. I liked the photo, but what makes her “pop” out of the scene (aside from the purple princess dress) is that I used the Dodging and Burning tools in Apple’s Aperture 3. The sun was harsh, so the scene behind her was very bright. To make the final image “print-worthy,” I simply brushed in a darker background to tone down the brightness of the leaves, trees, and rocks. I like this better than finding open shade. Using the sun to act as a big studio light, and compensating for this in-camera, leads to an image with great dynamic range.

Shutter 1/500 at f/4 with +1.33 Exposure Bias (Fully Compressed at 200mm Focal Length)

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