I admit, this is certainly an acquired taste. I am sure there will be some that will look at this first photo and think that I can’t take a picture. What is this guy doing with a camera? LOL. Who knows, maybe they’re correct and I should stick to my day job. However, photography is “Art.”

Every halfway decent photographer that charges money can take a properly exposed photo. That is not hard. What is hard is to create an image that actually provokes some level of emotion. I found a little strip of sun amidst a dark forest and underexposed this shot. This let the main subject be the sun. The 2 little girls are part of the scene, but not portrayed in a typical fashion. Does it work? For me it does. There is a dark moody quality to this otherwise average picture.


I try to do this with my wedding and family shots. I will never book as many weddings as the average ‘tog that shoots every Saturday and Sunday. That is not my goal. I want to create an eclectic mix of artistic images that provoke some sort of mood.

Here is another.

Erin + Charlie ENG Card1 1392

Just be different. -Chris

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