Times Square Kiss

This is probably the Mt. Everest of “moments.”  I preach this all the time, but the fact is there is absolutely nothing technically significant about this image.  This is an iconic photograph.  Now, has anyone EVER asked what the aperture and shutter speed were?  The ISO (or actually ASA)?  If you ever did, you really […]

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Pocket Wizards out, Phottix in…

Like most people, I purchased the Pocket Wizard Plus II wireless radio transceivers because they are (were) the “industry standard.”  Well, is that really a good reason?  I mean, $140 for a single extra large clunky piece of plastic gear to do nothing more than transmit a signal?  Wait, you need 2 of them.  $280 […]

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Hire your wife on vacation

These are simple vacation photos. However, they’re not shot with natural light. They’re not shot with a pop-up flash. They’re not shot with a big speed light or Quantum on my camera. The secret was taking my poor wife, who worked overnight as an ICU Nurse the evening before, on no sleep, and handing her […]

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