Pocket Wizards out, Phottix in…

Like most people, I purchased the Pocket Wizard Plus II wireless radio transceivers because they are (were) the “industry standard.”  Well, is that really a good reason?  I mean, $140 for a single extra large clunky piece of plastic gear to do nothing more than transmit a signal?  Wait, you need 2 of them.  $280 to make a signal go from here to there.


The reason why they are the industry standard is that, like Microsoft Windows, there is (was) no significant competition.  Not anymore.  Thankfully, there are equal/better radio transmitters on the market at a fraction of the cost.



Why did I go with Phottix?  Well, for 3 reasons.

1. Cost: ~$60 each (versus $140 – or $100 for the new PW X)

2. Reviews: They reportedly fire 100% of the time.

3. TTL pass thru (this is HUGE)

I would like to stress #3.  With the Strato II multi, you can mount your Speed light on top of the radio trigger and not only send a signal to the off-camera flash, but actually provide a little fill from the fully-supported TTL speed light.  You can work 2 flashes at the same time with 100% reliability.

I have experimented with these new Phottix triggers and I am very pleased so far.

UPDATE:  I used these last week at a wedding.  I had ZERO mis-fires.  They were 100% reliable and I cannot say that about the Pocket Wizards.  Every wedding I shot this year, the Pocket Wizards failed to transmit a signal a handful of times.  Maybe it was a conflict with something in the reception hall.  I don’t know.  I do know that they are gone for that reason.  These Phottix triggers never failed me and that is all that matters.

Thanks for reading.  -Chris

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