The mythical D400. Has Nikon stopped listening to customers?

I am a loyal Nikon shooter.  I believe they make the best cameras and lenses on the planet.  That said, I am getting more and more frustrated with them.  My fear is that Nikon will soon begin to lose customers.  Maybe not at the pro level, but there will probably be some that defect.

What do customers want?  If Nikon listened, they would hear a couple of things:

1. D700 replacement

2. D300s replacement

Did we get it?  No.  The D800 is NOT a replacement for the D700.  Too many megapixels and too slow.  I personally don’t ever want to shoot a wedding with a D800.  Cull through 2,000-3,000 RAW images at 36mp size?  I will be waisting thousands of dollars on terabytes of storage.  No thanks.

Nikon seems to be infatuated with these little bodies that pretend to be professional.  The D7000, D7100, and D600.  Sure, they have a little black shutter button and pseudo-magnesium alloy bodies, but they have small buffers and not built to take the rugged abuse of a pro.  I own a D7000.  Although I enjoy it for family shots, it is not something I would use at weddings.  I have, but it feels brittle compared to my D3.  Don’t get me wrong, the D7000 is an awesome camera with great IQ.  However, it needs a grip just to balance decent pro glass.  It is not built to be dropped, dragged, picked up and used over and over again.  It will take a hit and some drizzle, but the D3/D700/D4 can take a torrential downpour.

I don’t want a D800.  I don’t need a D4.  I would love a D700s (or something) that is FX, 16mp, dual card slots, great AF, larger meter, and maybe a nice 1080p movie mode.  I know, a D7000-ish camera with pro improvements in a D800-ish body.  …OR A D400!!!

Yes, the mythical D400.  The D300s is 5 years old.  It is ancient.  Nikon executives need to listen to its customers.  Many people want a semi-pro DX camera with larger body.  Not these little bodies with advanced technology.

We will have to see what Nikon does in the next few months.  For their sake, at the very least, I hope they release a D400.

What will we see first?  A D400 or…


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