Your camera is not important.

I’m sure you have heard this before.  Chase Jarvis even wrote a book about it.  The fact is, your camera doesn’t matter.  What matters is you.  Your eye.  Your vision.  Your take on what is important “visually” in life.  In the beginning, when you’re learning how to work a camera, you do what most people do.  You copy other’s work.  You adjust the settings to get the same look and feel as those images you love so much.  That is ok, but eventually you have to leave the nest and start to use the camera as a tool, like a pencil or a brush.  That’s all a camera is, a simple box that captures light.  The best photos (in my opinion) are simply the end result of bringing that box to a location in order to capture the visual adaptation of life the way you see it.

Cell phone cameras, whether it is the iPhone or something else, have changed the world of photography.  Everybody has the chance to document life.

You don’t need a $5,000 camera.  This is one of the best photos I have taken in 2013, and that includes weddings, etc.  Why?  because this is one of the best scenes I happened to have found myself in and I simply went “click.”  The result was a beautiful Fall photograph.

iphone landscape1


No D3.  No $2000 lens.  Just an iPhone 4s and good light.  Would it be “better” if I went back with $7000 worth of gear?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe the scene (lighting) would change.

The important thing is to keep your eyes open and sometimes forget all the technological garbage of metering, ISO, aperture, etc.  Just create.  Just see the world around you and document its beauty.  Cell phone photographs are akin to an acoustic guitar and no microphone.  Just pure emotion and simplicity.  We sometimes get too caught up in the technology of the day and that can destroy creativity if you’re not careful.



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