The Nikon D700…it’s back


I recently made a new purchase, but it was not really a “new” purchase. I sold my D700 a couple of years ago. The primary body I shoot with is a D3. I used a D700 as a backup camera in the past. I sold it and purchased a few other bodies over the years. But, I never forgot that D700. Each backup body I purchased just did not feel good. I purchased a D600 not long ago and it is a fantastic camera. 24 beautiful megapixels. I use it to shoot slow in the studio. I also use it for video of my family. However, it still does not feel as nice as the Nikon D700. There is just something about the D700 that Nikon got right. It feels like a tank. It really is a mini-D3, and shares the same sensor.

The D800 does not replace the D700. The D600 is not in the same class. So, this begs the question, does the D700 have a replacement? No. I don’t believe it does. This also makes me wonder what Nikon is doing. I’m not sure anyone really knows what Nikon is ever thinking. But, they seem to be losing touch with pros. I would love to see a Nikon D700s with 18mp, video, and 2 card slots. In my opinion, that would be the perfect camera for weddings.

I love the D700 because it essentially is a D3. When I am tired, the D700 is easier to lug around. When I want to go light, the D700 is there. When I just want to mount another lens, the D700 is perfect for the job. It really is the perfect “Photojournalism” camera body.

A lot of people replace camera bodies when a newer version is released. Sometimes it is for the better. With the D700, there really is no “better” camera body for what it does.

For now, I am very happy with the D3/D700 combo, with the D600 serving as a studio body. I really don’t see a reason to upgrade to a D4. I looked at all my wedding files and 90% of the time I am at ISO 1250 or less. I go to ISO 3200 at times and 6400 in a pinch. The D3/D700 are both very capable at that ISO. Any higher and I might think about adding some of my own light (flash).

Hey Nikon, are you listening? Please make a real replacement for the D700 so I don’t have to push my shutter up to 500,000+ clicks!

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