Shoot film!

It’s 2014 and everyone shoots digital.  The iPhone is the new Polaroid.  It is an exciting time.  It is amazing because it has only been about 10 years since digital photography really took the world by storm.  Even then, it was too expensive for most people.  The Nikon D100, once a $5,000 technological marvel, can […]

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A photograph.

I was watching an interview this week with one of the most influential photographers on the planet, Joe McNally.  He was talking about how there are so many “technically perfect” images out there, but they all lack something.  Let’s face it, with the birth of digital photography, the number of photographers out there has exploded. […]

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A moment…

This is one of my favorite shots in 2014. Technically, it is not “perfect.” For the ‘togs reading this, the only light source was a window. I turned all the lights off in the room and used that window. (sort of a big soft box given the hazy day outside) Nikon D3 with 24-70 f/2.8 […]

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