A moment…

This is one of my favorite shots in 2014. Technically, it is not “perfect.” For the ‘togs reading this, the only light source was a window. I turned all the lights off in the room and used that window. (sort of a big soft box given the hazy day outside) Nikon D3 with 24-70 f/2.8 […]

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Your camera is not important.

I’m sure you have heard this before.  Chase Jarvis even wrote a book about it.  The fact is, your camera doesn’t matter.  What matters is you.  Your eye.  Your vision.  Your take on what is important “visually” in life.  In the beginning, when you’re learning how to work a camera, you do what most people […]

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Moments in between the moments…

When I am asked what makes me different from other photographers, I don’t answer that question with the intention of making myself sound “better.”  Why?  Because there is no “better” photographer than you, me, or anyone else.  What the client has to decide is whether or not they want the experience of me (or you). […]

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Times Square Kiss

This is probably the Mt. Everest of “moments.”  I preach this all the time, but the fact is there is absolutely nothing technically significant about this image.  This is an iconic photograph.  Now, has anyone EVER asked what the aperture and shutter speed were?  The ISO (or actually ASA)?  If you ever did, you really […]

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Photos that just happen.

This is probably my favorite photograph. That is a big statement since I have terabytes of photos saved. Why is this photo so great? Well, because it just happened. Maybe it is not technically amazing (whatever that means). I do not even remember the camera settings. These are my 2 children. The lighting was just […]

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