Why Pros shoot the Nikon D3

Ask any pro why they choose the body they use and one of the first things you will hear is durability. Before I ever shot my first paid gig, I treated my gear like it was fine China. Well, after awhile you realize that the difference between getting a shot and letting one slip away […]

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Shoot into the light!

I love off-camera flash. Here is a little example of a shot that is so easy to get…and packs an “emotional” punch. I am 20 feet away from the speed light on a monopod with SB-900 held by an assistant. I am shooting directly at the light with the couple in the middle. You can […]

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

I just shot a wedding in the scariest location you could imagine. In fact, I think this place was actually designed to torture photographers. Let’s see, DARK ROOM with TIN-LIKE REFLECTIVE CEILING and lots of GLASS. To top it off, MIRRORS EVERYWHERE! You couldn’t shoot available light completely clean because the ambient light was around […]

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Father of Photojournalism

“Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one that fixes a precise moment in time. We play with subjects that disappear; and when they’re gone, it’s impossible to bring them back to life. We can’t alter our subject afterward…. Writers can reflect before they put words on paper…. As photographers, we don’t […]

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